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National Mutt Day | July 31 & December 2, 2020

National Mutt Day is a day for us to embrace, save and celebrate mixed breed dogs. It’s celebrated twice a year on July 31st and December 2nd but should be on many more days because there seems to be no day that our mutts don’t embrace, save and celebrate our human lives! What is a Mutt: A mutt, also known as a mongrel, or mixed-breed dog, is a dog that does not belong to one officially recognized breed and is generally not the result of intentional breeding. Although the term "mixed-breed dog" is preferred by some, many mutts have no known purebred ancestors. Mutts are also known by these additional names – crossbreeds, hybrids, Heinz 57s, half-breeds – but these...

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Why We Prefer Non-Squeaky Dog Toys

I was recently reminded that many may not know why we created DogToyStuffz. It all started when Sydney, our Australian Shepard mix, swallowed a squeaky toy part in her favorite plush dog toy. She, like many dogs, loved this favorite dog toy and cared for it like it was her own little puppy. One day, Charlie, our teenaged German Shepard x-dog mutt rescued from a shelter in New Mexico, decided that he wanted to play with her too. He especially loved the squeaky sounds the dog toy made when chewed on. So … he snatched Sydney’s squeaky dog toy. That was it, her momma-dog instincts kicked in and a tug of war began. Poor little doggie toy! Needless to say,...

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How to Trim Your Dog’s Nails

With everyone staying safe at home, our friends have asked us for any tips or tricks for cutting your dog’s nails. We check out our dogs’ nails regularly because some of them also have their dewclaws (the claw that can grow higher on the leg than the rest of the foot). This YouTube video from Animal Wised is a great visual aid to help with this overall process. How to Trim Your Dog's Nails at Home 🐶 Step by Step with Tips They address info on the correct method and best dog nail trimming tools along with a step-by-step guide. Also addressed are the following items to help our doggie owners: Why it is important to trim your dog’s nails?...

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Safe Dog Toy Recipes for Added Treats

We found some great recipes suggested by Kong dog toys that go great with some of their fun dog and puppy toys. If you don’t have any designated dog treats for your dog or puppy at-home consider whipping up one of these simple recipes for added playtime engagement and lots of love from your pets. Kong does offer some easy squeeze dog toy treat stuffing and various other types of treats mentioned here too. You’ll love the added play time created by adding these safe dog treats to almost any slobberable or chewable dog toy. Cheesy Dental KONG Delight: 3 Slices of your pet’s favorite cheese. Any Dental KONG dog or puppy toy A very simple and creative way to...

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8 Tips for an Organic and Environmentally Friendly Dog Lifestyle

Considering organic, natural and eco-friendly as a lifestyle is a choice. With so many options, even for our dogs, can cause us to not notice what might make something bad for us or our dogs. Knowledge is always going to be the first step to making better lifestyle choices. At DogToyStuffz we want to share not only our research and knowledge but also give you specific product ideas and choices. We hope this information helps! 1 – Organic Dog Toys – Of organic and eco-friendly concerns, DogToyStuffz is passionate about our dog and puppy toys. Not only can natural and organic dog toys help with pet allergies but, if digested, is a little easier on the body’s system and the...

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