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DT Stuffz is a website created by dog owners and their dogs (and puppies) looking for safe and high quality dog & puppy toys. Unlike other dog toy stores or dog supply shops, we personally (our dogs are people too) try to test all of our recommended toys and supplies so that we can bring you great choices with the best quality in dog and puppy toys to your home, office – or home/office.

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About our curated dog & puppy toys

The dog & puppy toys seen here are some of our favorites – all curated from Amazon - and offers you a whole line of specially selected dog and puppy toys that are constantly being updated and added to our list! Our favorites are dog toys without squeakers (or those that have removable and/or replaceable squeakers) designed for playing tug-of-war or fetch with your dogs. There are some great ones for teething puppies too. And the best thing with the rope & ball dog toys or the soft dog toys that we like to recommend most is that they are organic, biodegradable, non-toxic and eco-friendly in all ways for puppies, dogs and the general household!

We know how hard some dog toys are to find, especially safe, organic, hazard-free, and environmentally-friendly dog and puppy toys. We will use to review all dog toys and let you know about all of our findings, good and bad, on all types of dog toys and how they affect the human people around and possibly other pets too. Sometimes the availability and prices change before we have a chance to update. However, we will work to point you in the direction of the dog or puppy toys we know will make everyone in your household happy.

Keep watching here for dog news and posts on the most fun and greatest dog toys imaginable. DT Stuffz has gone to the dogs!