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Free Emergency Pet Care ID Card

Don’t let your health care concerns, an illness, incapacitation, or a sudden emergency keep you from notifying someone that you have pets at home alone that need care. This free, easily printable pet care ID card fits like a credit card in your wallet so you have it with you and accessible at all times to show that your pets may need help. Click to print it, fill it out, place in your wallet & for free: The free emergency pet care wallet cards can help emergency responders find your pet care card in your wallet so they can let your emergency contact know your pet will need care if you are unable to do so.

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How to Trim Your Dog’s Nails

With everyone staying safe at home, our friends have asked us for any tips or tricks for cutting your dog’s nails. We check out our dogs’ nails regularly because some of them also have their dewclaws (the claw that can grow higher on the leg than the rest of the foot). This YouTube video from Animal Wised is a great visual aid to help with this overall process. How to Trim Your Dog's Nails at Home 🐶 Step by Step with Tips They address info on the correct method and best dog nail trimming tools along with a step-by-step guide. Also addressed are the following items to help our doggie owners: Why it is important to trim your dog’s nails?...

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