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About DogToyStuffz

DT Stuffz – www.dogtoystuffz.com – began when Sydney, our Australian Shepard, swallowed a squeaky toy part in her favorite plush dog toy. She, like many dogs, loved this favorite dog toy and cared for it like it was one of her puppies. One day, Charlie, our teenaged german shepard x-dog mutt rescued from the Espanola Animal Shelter in New Mexico, decided that he wanted to have some fun too. He especially loved the squeaky sounds the dog toy made when chewed on. So … he snatched Sydney’s baby dog toy. That was it, her bitch instincts came out and a tug of war began. Poor baby doggie toy! Needless to say the favorite dog toy lost but Sydney did manage to save the squeaky toy part from inside … by swallowing it! I don’t even want to suggest how much the emergency vet bills cost when we discovered this.

sydney zeus charlie dogs
Sydney, Zeus and Charlie

Sydney is doing great now. Charlie is too. But now we carefully watch the dogs and their play toys. We have noticed that different breeds like and want different kinds of toys. We now look very specifically for safe toys. Since Charlie likes to chew – and swallow – we look for environmentally-friendly toys. Lots of different things factor into our choices. Our friends and family have also suggested their favorite dog toys. You should see all – including our favorite dog stories and how to best select and consider your dog or puppy toys.

Have questions? Concerns? Just want to chat with other dog owners? Email Zeus at DogToyStuffz!

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