Size Matters – Dog Toys for Those Big & Small

As you may now know, the family at DogToyStuffz has recently grown. But the size it grew was in a teeny-tiny way. Little puppy Nova joined our group as a puppy street rescue weighing in at 1.4 lbs. She is the smallest addition to the family we have ever had as far as dog sizes go!

Nova with her Pet Stages Safe Puppy Toy

What this meant to us was that suddenly the squeakers in squeaky dog toys didn’t matter for her. Reason being is that these plastic squeakers all seem to come in sizes bigger than her mouth (some bigger than her head)! But, safety was a huge concern. With her delicate health and fragile little body, we needed to make sure her surroundings were completely safe for her – this included all the current dog toys scattered about. What we found was that Pet Stages makes some awesome, non-squeaky dog toys and in different sizes. We had some of their toys for the bigger dogs in the past but seeing their tiny ones, almost cat toy size, just made us all smile. All are made with textures, fabrics, rubber, string or rope that keeps our dogs (and puppies) interested. With Nova teething, these different textures are great for her. When we did further research on this particular group of Pet Stages dog toys, we noticed that some can be put in the refrigerator or freezer to be cooled and used as “real” teething types of chew toys that even human babies would love!!

Anyway, we appreciate any and all of the dog toy companies that consider the size of the dogs these days along with the safety factors for them too. Here (above) are some of our favorites of the Pet Stages safe puppy toys that we have at the house (and office) for play!