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Yes, this particular site is supposed to be devoted primarily to dog toys but, if you’ll notice, the actual name DT Stuffz also implies other stuffs, like dog stuff that may not be a dog toy. Ok??!

Anyway, today we were actually talking about dog coats and whether or not a dog really needs the added warmth in winter. Well, I say yes! Think about it, your dog feels you when you scratch or tickle. One of my dogs loves to leave his head out of the window of my car and you know it’s to feel the wind rushing of his face. Why in the world would anyone expect that your dog or puppy wouldn’t feel the cold? Sure, most have a skin covered with fur or hair. Hey, I’ve got a head full of long blonde hair but my head still gets cold!! Why wouldn’t your dog?! I have 3 dogs – don’t tell anyone ’cause I think I’m only allowed 2 – and they are all completely different.

Zeus would kill me if I tried to cover him with some sort of dog coat or dog sweater considering he is covered head to toe with at least 6 inches of thick fur. But, Charlie, he’s my short-haired crazy mutt dog and he tries to curl all 65 lbs of himself in my lap especially in the winter. I got him a special dog sweater for Christmas. He absolutely loves it. You’d think he was dressed to go to the Opera the way he prances around. I found a wonderful one that comes in a bunch of sizes and with a fun plaid pattern that looks great on his multi-colored coat.

medium dog plaid sweater

Anyway, our whole reason for being is not just about play and dog toys but for safety and consideration to our dogs and other pets. Take care of yours and consider their feelings, physical and mental!