Nova – Hypoglycemia scares the heck out of all of us!

That was sooooo scary last night. Everyone thought I was dying. I was shaking, I couldn’t stand up, I didn’t know who was who, I peed by accident on myself, my head was like a bobble head – all in the space of 2 hours from good to bad. I didn’t know anything was going on because I was apparently totally out of it. But we have the best vet in the world (Dr. Peter Hanna: who let mom call him at night and he diagnosed it perfectly.

peter hanna park animal vet

Dr. Peter Hanna of Park Animal Hospital

My glucose levels hit rock bottom. Doc says it’s probably because I’m so young & small. A little Karo syrup every 2 hours last night rubbed on my gums – mom was great, right there for me, sleeping next to me, keeping me warm on the floor – and I feel fine this morning. Pretty amazing – even though everyone was so scared for a sec. My whole family was here for me. Vet visit this morning and my glucose levels are at 106 – doc says that’s good so I got to have some breakfast. And I now have my Nutri-Cal that I’ll take now every day for a bit instead of getting all sticky from the Karo syrup. So… I think all will be good to go!! I am so lucky and happy again.

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