8 Tips for an Organic and Environmentally Friendly Dog Lifestyle

Considering organic, natural and eco-friendly as a lifestyle is a choice. With so many options, even for our dogs, can cause us to not notice what might make something bad for us or our dogs. Knowledge is always going to be the first step to making better lifestyle choices. At DogToyStuffz we want to share not only our research and knowledge but also give you specific product ideas and choices. We hope this information helps!

organic eco friendly dog lifestyle

1 – Organic Dog Toys – Of organic and eco-friendly concerns, DogToyStuffz is passionate about our dog and puppy toys. Not only can natural and organic dog toys help with pet allergies but, if digested, is a little easier on the body’s system and the eco-system. Organic dog toys also have green-living aspects of being biodegradable and earth-friendly. Look for natural fibers such as those made with cotton, wool, hemp or fleece. Ideally organic dye-free fabric are great too but a little more difficult to find in a dog or puppy toy. And... you all know that we prefer those without the plastic squeaky toy part too. It not only makes the dog toy safer but also adds to its organic and eco-friendly nature!

2 – Bugs, Pests and Flea Control – Use environmentally-friendly, toxin free, natural and organic pest control products – those are made from guava fruit, orange oil, clove oils – safe for us, our children, dogs, puppies, other pets and even birds, lizards and your water too! Flea control can be managed organically as well. Consider, organic soaps with mild insecticides, natural products that feature natural, organic ingredients such a eucalyptus, spearmint, peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, lemon grass oil, thyme oil or neem oil.

3 – Organic Dog Bedding – non-toxic, allergen free dog bedding is not only recommended for your pet but helps with human allergies especially if the dog bed is located in the house. The most popular organic dog beds seem to be those made with cotton and hemp materials.

4 – Water Control and Preservation – Learn to properly collect water. Rain and ground water collection systems are great for all aspects of green living. Water collection systems should not be used for drinking water even for your pets but can be used for bathing purposes for yourself and your dogs. Use this water for garden and lawn care too.

5 – Dog Poop and Cleaning – turn it into biofuel. Well, maybe not so easy to turn your dog poop into biofuel but they are doing it in San Francisco! So, in the meantime, stay eco-friendly here by using biodegradable doggie poop bags. We even found some eco-friendly, flushable dog waste bags. Use products that contain safe enzymes for home cleaning accidents and odor eliminators like Pure Air that is earth-safe too. Consider a doggy septic system. These use natural enzymes to break down the waste and allow it to return to the soil without any environmental damage.

6 – Holistic approach to Health – Over the years we still find that grandma’s home remedies can also help our dogs and puppies. Stomach aches, cuts and scrapes need to be attended to for our dogs as much as they do for us humans. Consider doing your research on natural and holistic remedies that avoid chemicals and preservatives. We love simply boiling chicken and rice with a lot of water (no salt or any special flavoring needed) for tummy aches and managing diarrhea and/or vomiting. If vomiting or diarrhea lasts for more than a day or two definitely seek the attention of your veterinarian. Note the natural products mentioned above for flea control for your dogs. We also believe strongly in physical therapy for certain types of care for our pets. Massage and joint exercise helps with so many ailments and helps with all sorts of recovery situations. We found some good additional information at HolisticDog.org

7 – Dog Foods and Treats– Natural and organic dog foods and treats means there are no added chemicals, no artificial preservatives, flavorings or fillings. Look for foods and treats with no butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), no butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and no ethoxyquin (cancer causing preservatives) – no added grains either which our dogs really don’t need for their diet. There are natural preservatives such as Tocopherols (vitamin E) and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) which are ok for dogs or puppies. We like those that include nutritious proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Healthy natural and organic pet foods and treats can help manage allergies, skin ailments, digestive disorders, immune system, and help maintain proper weight for a happier, healthier and long-living dog. There is a ton of information online about natural, organic foods for dogs and puppies. For training and special occasions we select from a variety of natural, organic dog and puppy treats. Zeus loves chicken treats, Sydney prefers the taste of salmon treats and Charlie will eat them all! All are considered human-grade foods – so set the table and let’s eat!

8 – Fuel Economy – Forget the car – walk the dog! A simple solution to an environmental concern – and the best for you both!

Know that this list of tips for an organic and environmentally friendly dog lifestyle could go on and on. We would love to hear your views. We may add some more later. Keeping up on health and making our environment safe for all of us, including our dogs, is a number one priority!

What are your eco-friendly concerns? organic or natural considerations? non-toxic suggestions? Do you know of special dog toys, products or supplies that others would love too? Let us know.